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10-layers-PCB-multilayer pcb multilayer printed circuit board

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Detail specification for this 10 layers PCB:

Layers 10 layers Impedance Control Yes
Board Material FR4 Tg170 Blind & Buried Vias Yes
Finish Board Thickness 1.6mm Edge Plating Yes
Finish Copper Thickness inner 0.5 OZ, outer 1 OZ Laser Drilling Yes
Surface Treatment ENIG 2~3u” Testing 100% E-testing
Soldmask Color Blue Testing Standard IPC Class 2
Silkscreen Color White Lead Time 12 days after EQ


What is a multilayer PCB and what are the characteristics of a multilayer board?

Multilayer PCB refers to multi-layer circuit boards  used in electrical products. Multilayer PCB uses more single-layer or double-sided wiring boards. Use one double-sided as inner layer, two single-sided as outer layer, or two double-sided as inner layer and two single-layer as outer layer printed circuit boards.  The positioning system and insulating bonding material alternately together and conductive pattern Printed circuit boards that are interconnected according to design requirements become four-layers and six-layers printed circuit boards, also known as multilayer printed circuit boards. 

With the continuous development of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and the continuous introduction of a new generation of SMD (Surface Mount Devices), such as QFP, QFN, CSP, BGA (especially MBGA), electronic products are more intelligent and miniaturized, so Promoted major reforms and advances in PCB industrial technology. Since IBM first successfully developed high-density multilayer (SLC) in 1991, major groups in various countries have also developed various high-density interconnect (HDI) microplates. The rapid development of these processing technologies has prompted the design of PCB to gradually develop in the direction of multi-layer, high-density wiring. With its flexible design, stable and reliable electrical performance and superior economic performance, multi-layer printed boards are now widely used in the manufacturing of electronic products.

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