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Component Sourcing for pcba pcb assembly printed circuit board assembly

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We can help customers with the components sourcing including

1. Resistors

2. Capacitor

3. Inductor

4. Transformer

5. Semiconductor

6. Thyristors and field effect transistors

7. Electron tube and camera tube

8. Piezoelectric devices and Hall devices

9. Optoelectronic devices and electroacoustic devices

10. Surface mount devices

11. Integrated circuit devices

12. Electronic display devices

13. Switches and connectors

14. Relay, photoelectric coupler device

15. Mechanical parts

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The top mark of the component, the production batch number, the packaging and testing location and other factors related to the physical and appearance of the component. These are all details that we need to pay attention to. You can bring the detailed questions that may appear in the later stage to the quotation link, including the complete model of the product, package model, quotation quantity, brand name, unit price (tax included/tax not included), functional description, product packaging and testing, and production The explanation of the batch number, even the top mark, as well as the replacement reminder of discontinued materials, etc., to avoid negligence and leftover in details in the product supply.

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