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Conformal Coating for PCB Assembly pcba printed circuit board assembly

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Advantages of automatic three-proof paint coating machine: one-time investment,

life-long benefit.

1. High efficiency: automatic coating and assembly line operation greatly increase productivity.

2. High quality: The coating amount and thickness of the three-proof paint on each product are consistent, the product consistency is high, and the three-proof quality is stable and reliable.

3.  High precision: selective coating, uniform and accurate, coating precision is much higher than manual. 

Automatic-Conformal-Coating (1)

4.  Low cost: save labor, save the cost of protective tape and other consumables and save the pasting and dismantling.

5.  The time of protecting tape greatly reduces production costs and improves labor utilization.

6.  Save glue: the amount of manual coating of three anti-paints for each product is inconsistent, and the film thickness is uneven, while the machine is selective coating, atomized coating, and the film thickness is moderate and accurate, saving glue.

7.  Low carbon and environmental protection: The machine has low power and low power consumption; the machine adopts a fully enclosed structure with a multi-angle exhaust gas recovery and sewage system to avoid pollution of the workshop air, protect the health of employees, and create a safe working environment.

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