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DIP SMT Assembly for printed circuit board pcb

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Dual in-line package is also called DIP package, DIP or DIL for short. It is an integrated circuit packaging method. The shape of the integrated circuit is rectangular, and there are two rows of parallel metal pins on both sides, called row needle. The components of the DIP package can be soldered in the through holes plated on the printed circuit board or inserted into the DIP socket.

Integrated circuits often use DIP packaging, and other commonly used DIP packaging parts include DIP switches, LED, seven-segment displays, strip displays and relays. DIP-packaged connectors are also commonly used for cables of computers and other electronic devices.


DIP packaged components can be mounted on the circuit board using through-hole plug-in technology, or can be mounted using DIP sockets. The use of DIP sockets can facilitate the replacement of components and avoid overheating of components during soldering. Generally, sockets are used with integrated circuits with larger volumes or higher unit prices. Such as test equipment or burners, where it is often necessary to install and remove integrated circuits, a zero-resistance socket is used. DIP packaged components can also be used with breadboards, which are generally used for teaching, development design or component design.

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