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Rigid Flex PCB

The born and development of FPC and Rigid PCB give birth to the new product of Rigid-Flexible board.  which is a combination of flexible circuit board and rigid circuit board. After pressing and other procedures, it is combined according to relevant technological requirements to form a circuit board with FPC characteristics and Rigid PCB characteristics. which can be used in some products with special requirements, both flexible area and a certain rigid area, to save the internal space of the product, reduce the volume of finished products, it has a great help to improve product performance .Therefore, the combination of Rigid and Flexible board is mainly used in consumer electronics products, the market scale is further increased.


The production process

Since Rigid-Flexible board is the combination of FPC and Rigid PCB, the production of Rigid-Flexible board should be equipped with both FPC production equipment and Rigid PCB production equipment. First of all, According to actual demand, the electronic engineers draw the circuit and outline dimension, and then submit it to the factory who can produce rigid-flexible board, after the CAM engineer dealing with relevant documents, planning, then arrange the FPC production line produce the FPC board, PCB production line produce the Rigid PCB.


Once this two boards are available, in accordance with the requirements for electronic engineers plan, FPC board and rigid PCB will be seamless bonded and press, all this procedure complete. It will go through a series of detailed production links, finally the production of rigid-flexible board finished. An very important production link, because the combination of rigid PCB and flexible pcb is very difficult, there are many quality control problems, Generally speaking, As we all know, the value of rigid-flex PCB is relatively high, so as to  not let the supply and demand sides cause loss of relevant interests. For the purpose to make sure goods customers received must be good ones. The quality dept. have to carry out full inspection.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: The rigid-flex PCB board has the characteristics of FPC and rigid PCB together. Therefore, it can be used in some products with special requirements, including flexible areas and rigid areas. It do a great help to save the internal space of products, reduce the volume of finished products and improve the performance of products.


Disadvantages:The rigid-flex PCB production operation is of many procedures; the process for producing it was difficul; high material and the manpower required but the yield rate is lower, therefore, its price is more expensive and the production cycle is long.



The characteristics of the rigid-flex PCB determine its application fields, covering all the application fields of FPC and Rigid PCB fields, For example: It can be seen in such fields as iPhone and other high-end smart phones; high-end Bluetooth headsets (with requirements for signal transmission distance); intelligent wearable devices; robots; UAVs; curved surface displays; high-end industrial control equipment; aerospace satellites and other fields. With the development of intelligent equipment to high integration, lightweight and miniaturization, together with the new requirements of industry 4.0 for personalized production. With its excellent physical characteristics, the rigid-flex PCB board will surely shine in the near future. Despite the popularity of rigid-flex PCB board among global manufacturers, it is not a simple thing to get its victory fruit. The main reason The rigid-flex PCB production operation is of many procedures; the process for producing it was difficult; high material and the manpower required but the yield rate is lower, therefore, its price is more expensive and the production cycle is long. For domestic circuit board manufacturers, the rigid-flex board will become another blue ocean market after HDI and FPC.

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