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12-layers-PCB-multilayer pcb HDI printed circuit board

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Some more information for this 12 layers PCB

Board Layers: 12 layers

Finish board thickness: 1.6mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG 1~2 u”

Board Material: Shengyi S1000

Finish Copper thickness: 1 OZ inner layer, 1 OZ out layer

Soldmask Color: Green

Silkscreen Color: White

With Impedance Control

Blind & buried vias

12-layers-PCB (3)

What are the basic principles of impedance and stack design considerations for multilayer boards?

When designing impedance and stacking, the main

basis is PCB thickness, number of layers, impedance

 value requirements, current size, signal integrity,

power integrity, etc. The general reference principles

are as follows:

1. The laminate has symmetry;

2. Impedance has continuity;

3. The reference layer below the component surface should be a complete ground or power source (usually the second layer or the penultimate layer);

4. Power plane and ground plane are tightly coupled;

5. The signal layer is as close as possible to the reference plane layer;

6. Keep the distance between two adjacent signal layers as large as possible. The routing is orthogonal;

7. The two reference layers above and below the signal are ground and power, try to shorten the distance between the signal layer and the ground layer;

8. Differential signal spacing ≤ 2 times the line width;

9. The prepreg between the layers is ≤3;

10. At least one sheet of 7628 or 2116 or 3313 in the secondary outer layer;

11. The order of use of prepreg is 7628→2116→3313→1080→106

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