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Using the right thickness of material is important for building FR4 PCBS. Thickness is measured in inches, such as thousands, inches, or millimeters. There are a few things to consider when choosing a FR4 material for your PCB. The following tips will  simplify your selection process:

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1. Select thin FR4 materials for building panels with space constraints. Thin materials can support the various sophisticated components needed to build the device, such as Bluetooth accessories, USB connectors, etc. They are also suitable for large projects where engineers want to focus on space-saving designs.


2. thin FR4 materials are suitable for applications requiring flexibility. For example, using thin materials for automotive and medical PCB is ideal because these PCBs

need to be bent regularly.

Avoid choosing thinner materials for a grooved PCB design, as this increases the risk of damage or circuit board rupture.


3. The thickness of the material can affect the weight of the printed circuit board and may also affect component compatibility. This means that the thin FR4 material will logically facilitate the manufacture of lightweight circuit boards, which in turn lead to lightweight electronics. These lightweight products are attractive and easy to transport.

When to avoid using FR4 material, FR4 material is not the right choice if your application requires any of the following: Excellent heat resistance: FR4 is not recommended if PCB is to be used in high temperature environments. For example, The FR4 material is not the right choice for PCB in aerospace applications.

Lead-free welding: If your customer requires A PCB conforming to RoHS, lead-free welding must be used. During lead-free soldering, the reflux temperature may reach a peak of 250 ° C, and due to its low temperature resistance, the FR4 material

cannot withstand it.

High frequency signal: When exposed to high frequency signal, the FR4 plate cannot maintain stable impedance. As a result, fluctuations occur and may affect the integrity of the signal.


Due to their popularity and wide use, today it is easy to find FR4 PCB materials on the market with a variety of specifications and functions. Such rich choices sometimes make choices difficult. In this case, it is important to discuss your requirements with the manufacturer.

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