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Rogers Megtron Isola Arlon pcb printed circuit board

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Product Detail

Details for this Rogers PCB

Layers: 2 layers

Material: Rogers 4350B

Base board thickness: 0.8mm

Copper thickness: 1 OZ

Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold

Soldmask Color: Green

Silkscreen Color: White

Application: RF communication equipment

Rogers-PCB (1)

Rogers is a type of high-frequency board produced by Rogers. It is different from the conventional PCB board—epoxy resin. It has no glass fiber in the middle and uses ceramic base as the high-frequency material. Rogers has superior dielectric constant and temperature stability, and its dielectric constant thermal expansion coefficient is very consistent with copper foil, which can be used to improve the deficiencies of PTFE substrates; it is very suitable for high-speed design, as well as commercial microwave and radio frequency applications. Because of its low water absorption, it can be used as an ideal choice for high-humidity applications, providing customers in the high-frequency board industry with the highest quality materials and related resources, and fundamentally controlling product quality.


Rogers laminate has the following advantages:

1. Low RF loss

2. Low dielectric constant fluctuates with temperature

3. Low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient

4. Low internal expansion coefficient

5. Low dielectric constant tolerance

6. Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies

7. Easy to mass production and multi-layer mixing of FR4, high cost performance

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